Pastors Note

Pastor's Note
From the desk of Rev. Steve Berger, Senior Pastor

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Falling Leaves and Fresh Sounds!

I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to some cool, crisp afternoons, like when I used to go and pick up pecans at my uncle’s house and could hear the high school band practicing for Friday night football. Cooler weather, the sound of crows, the smell of leaves burning somewhere (now illegal in most places) – all signaled that fall had arrived. I hope by the reading of this, that some of that starts to happen. Fall is also a time to shift gears for the last quarter of the year in church ministry. The choir is preparing for the Christmas cantata, plans are being finalized for “Trunk or Treat” and the “Holly, Jolly Market” and the stewardship campaign is underway to remind us of our need to participate financially, as well as out of gratitude, for what God has given us. This year we began that emphasis by talking about what it means to be a disciple and how this encompasses all of our life’s choices, values and relationships. My hope and prayer, is that you will look at your life this season, not just as a church member but at a committed follower of Christ. This is not just having money to pay the bills and the mortgage, it is about our level of trust in God, that he will provide for us as we show our generosity to His Kingdom’s work through our gifts, time and commitments. 

This summer presented some real challenges to our praise and worship leaders in the First Light Service. We prayed for answers and God provided! We are so thankful for four of our members who have stepped up to bring joy, energy and talent to the 9:00 contemporary music service each week. God has truly blessed us with the steady leadership of Keith Eiermann along with band members Cary Babin and Brian Sholar, but now we have new worship leaders in Angelle Tompkins, Zack and Becca Pittman and Andy Dollar. Together, they have brought a fresh approach to new music as well as the standards. Our new digital sound system is now in place and we are learning the best ways to use its capabilities. The new sound room makes our worship experiences easier to present. Jesse White and Philip Vincent pitched in to help us lead one service and the cooperation between our two services is growing. We are ready to move into the fall and to a great end of the year!

Grace and peace,
Pastor Steve